10+ Moments From “Single’s Inferno 2” Cast’s Instagram Lives That Everyone Needs To See

It was like a reunion!

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The cast of Single’s Inferno 2 originally joined the show to find love. Yet, they all left with friendship.

Some of the contestants held live broadcasts via Instagram recently. First, Kim Jin Young and Kim Se Jun talked to each other. Later, Shin Dong Woo and Jo Yoong Jae went live from a campsite and were joined by two surprise co-stars Lee Nadine and Lee So E.

Check out 10+ moments from the live broadcasts below…

1. Se Jun and Jin Young’s unexpected bromance

2. Sleepy Se Jun

3. Jin Young calling Se Jun out for his skinship with So E

4. Yoong Jae confirming he and Seo Eun are still together

5. So E joining Yoong Jae and Dong Woo’s Live

6. So E mentioning Se Jun

7. Dong Woo and Yoong Jae’s campsite tour

8. Dong Woo and Yoong Jae teasing Nadine

9. Dong Woo and Yoong Jae trying to get Nadine to “bow to her elders”

10. Dong Woo and Yoong Jae asking Nadine if she’s doing homework


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11. Yoong Jae and Dong Woo talking about Nadine when she’s not there

12. Yoong Jae doing aegyo?

13. Shoutout to Seul Ki and Jin Young

14. Yoong Jae is no lightweight!

15. Dong Woo and Yoong Jae doing NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” challenge

16. Dong Woo from Chicago

17. Yoong Jae’s New Year’s resolution

Single's Inferno

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