5 Moments TWICE’s Nayeon Proved She’s A Total Virgo During The Latest “TIME TO TWICE”

She’s the true definition of a Virgo! ♍️

TWICE‘s Nayeon is a Virgo queen, and the latest episode of TIME TO TWICE proves it!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

In this episode, the TDOONG High School students started their Sports Day after traveling to a neighboring school in the previous episode.

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Throughout the episode, Nayeon showed she’s a true Virgo. Virgos have many great qualities, like being hard-working, kind, patient, reliable, and creative. They also have a fierce, competitive side!

Here are 5 moments Nayeon proved she’s a total Virgo in episode 2 of TDOONG High School Season 2!

1. When she gave Dahyun a standing ovation

Although Virgos can be competitive, they love encouraging others, too! As TWICE’s class president, Dahyun had to give a speech before the Sports Day festivities began. Dahyun seemed a little shy as she gave her speech, and Nayeon sweetly cheered her on with a standing ovation.

Nayeon’s sweet encouragement proves she lives up to Virgo’s reputation for being extremely kind and encouraging!

2. When she immediately started coming up with a strategy for the first Sports Day event

Virgos are great planners and strategizers, and Nayeon definitely has this trait! The first Sports Day event was jumping rope as a team. Since the other team went first, Nayeon took advantage of her opportunity to come up with a strategy. She carefully watched the staff turn the rope to determine which side was moving more slowly.

Like a true Virgo, Nayeon always has a plan!

3. When her competitive side came out while watching the other team

Virgos are super competitive! While watching the other team jump rope, Nayeon noticed that they were doing really well, and she worried that her team wouldn’t do as well, which activated her competitive side.

Looks like Nayeon definitely lives up to Virgo’s reputation for being competitive!

4. When she gave her team helpful advice

Virgos make great leaders, and they’re always down to share their ideas with others! Nayeon’s team completed their first attempt at the jump rope event with 3 out of their 4 members because Nayeon didn’t have room to join them. She told her team to move closer to the end of the rope, so everyone would be able to fit in.

Like a true Virgo, Nayeon was there to lead her team and help them succeed!

5. When she was shocked by her own skills

Although Virgos tend to be super talented and competitive, they’re also very humble! After the jump rope event, the TDOONG High School students moved on to a new game in which the teams took turns kicking a soccer ball into a goal that was blocked by a member of the other team. On her first try, Nayeon kicked the ball hard and managed to get it past Tzuyu, the other team’s goalie. When she made her goal, Nayeon looked just as shocked as the other members.

Clearly, Nayeon is a humble Virgo queen despite her many talents!