5 Moments That Will Make You Wish You Worked For Red Velvet

Working for Red Velvet definitely has its perks!

With extended hours and busy schedules, being a staff member for a K-Pop group can be challenging, but moments like these make every Red Velvet fan want the job.

1. You get to cozy up in Irene’s gowns

Red Velvet’s first comeback of 2022, “Feel My Rhythm,” included a classical sample of Johann Sebastian Bach‘s “Air on the G String From Suite No. 3.” To match the title song, the group stunned in concept pictures that gave off an elegant and classic vibe, wearing gorgeous custom-made ballerina outfits and dazzling gowns.

| SM Entertainment

These dresses weren’t just the finishing touch to yet another flawless concept execution from Red Velvet and their staff, however — the latter soon found other uses for the eye-catching dresses Irene was styled in.

During the photoshoot for the girl group’s “Capriccioso” concept pictures, Irene wore a stunning pink bridal gown from Bridal Kong. Known for her unrivaled visuals, Red Velvet’s leader left everyone speechless with her beauty when the teasers were posted on social media.

| SM Entertainment

When the behind-the-scenes photoshoot footage was released, fans were quick to spot a staff member making perfect use of Irene’s giant gown — choosing to lay down on it and use it as a photo prop!

Irene also wore a stunning, huge, black J&June dress for the “Feel My Rhythm” music video.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Aside from complementing her diamond-covered set perfectly, the dress also hilariously became a warm, comfortable blanket for a staff member sitting beside Irene. We could only dream of having the privilege of making Irene laugh like this!

2. You get to snuggle Wendy

It takes a lot of hard work to produce high-quality teasers like Red Velvet’s “Birthday” shots, with the members and staff working long hours during comeback preparations. As “Birthday” was released in November, everyone involved was forced to battle the cold — especially during outdoor night shoots.

| SM Entertainment

The group’s main vocalist, Wendy, was the last member to wrap up the work day for Red Velvet’s pink Jeep teasers. Unsurprisingly, the combination of Wendy’s outfit (a short skirt paired with a crop top) and the low night temperatures left the main vocalist extremely cold.

Staff members quickly jumped into action as they wrapped her up in a coat and hugged her tightly, trying to warm her up as quickly as possible.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

Kind as ever, Wendy showed how thankful she was, surrounded by staff snuggling her.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

3. You’ll be showered with gifts from Irene

Red Velvet’s leader is widely known for her generous heart and excellent gift-giving abilities, making us all love her even more! From her fellow members to other idols and likely every staff member she’s worked with, Irene loves expressing her thanks by gifting those around her.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

She does it so often, she’s gone viral for it multiple times! Back in 2018, she gave every backup dancer on their Japan tour gift bags accompanied by handwritten letters. The dancers posted videos of her handing them out backstage and showed how thankful they were.

Irene unnie whose heart is also pretty ❤️

— Red Velvet’s backup dancer

On another occasion, after wrapping up promotions for Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi’s unit debut “Monster,” Irene gave all their dancers AirPods! In videos on Instagram, the dancers could be heard cheering with happiness as Irene handed out the gifts. One even hilariously fell to her knees, causing Irene to erupt in laughter.

Being a Red Velvet staff member has its perks, and receiving gifts from the group’s leader may be one of the best.

4. You can go kayaking with Yeri

Released after a few months of inactivity from Red Velvet, season 5 of the group’s reality show, Level Up! Project, was a welcome surprise for fans. Better yet, it was full of laughter-inducing moments in every episode.


One of the funniest moments came when the members had to go kayaking in pairs. Irene paired up with Seulgi and Wendy with Joy, leaving Yeri to pair up with one of their managers. As the girls started paddling and having fun, it didn’t take long for them to notice that Yeri’s kayak was only being moved by their manager!


Seulgi praised the manager’s hard work, repeatedly paddling as Yeri was enjoying herself taking videos and pictures of the experience. No matter the struggle, the manager also seemed to be enjoying himself!

Going kayaking with Yeri, who is known for her funny and playful personality, would definitely be a dream come true for any ReVeluv!

5. You get to tease Seulgi and witness her cuteness firsthand

In 2021, Seulgi got the opportunity to host her very first show since debut: Seulgi.zip. The show quickly became a hot topic, accumulating numerous viewers each week.

| Naver NOW

While the dynamics between Seulgi and her guests were always a riot — like the time she struggled to keep her own members under control — a lot of funny moments happened with the show’s staff too.

| Naver NOW

During a special horror episode, one segment involved Seulgi telling the viewers ghost stories. The stories, however, weren’t as scary as the moment the staff played a scream soundbite out of nowhere — making Seulgi jump and gasp. While she was left shocked and scared, the fans couldn’t stop laughing at her adorable reaction.

But the teasing doesn’t stop here! In another episode of the show, the Seulgi.zip staff had her working on dozens of near-impossible tasks. This episode gave us the cutest whiny reactions from Seulgi, making us appreciate the idol’s cute personality even more.

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