Here’s How Much Money BTS’s 2022 Releases Have Made From Spotify Streams

All of this bag with just 7 new releases!

This year has been a roller coaster ride for BTS and ARMYs so far. Ever since the release of their anthology album Proof, every day has been a new surprise with their music. As the septet continues to pull incredible numbers on all streaming platforms with each release, let’s take a look at how much each of their new tracks this year has earned from Spotify alone.

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In 2022, BTS have put out four new songs as a group, while Jungkook featured on a song with Charlie Puth, J-Hope put out 10 new songs for his solo album Jack In The Box, and the vocal line (Jimin, V, Jin, and Jungkook) released a song with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg. Though the exact revenue structure of Spotify is hard to confirm, it is estimated that the platform pays artists from $0.0033 to $0.0054 per stream. The average is usually taken to be $0.004 per stream.

Taking that average into account, let’s take a look at the figures for each of the new BTS releases:

1. Yet To Come

According to Spotify, the title track of Proof has been streamed the most among the new songs from the album. With 129,120,003 total streams to date, “Yet To Come” has earned BTS approximately $516,480 in revenue.

2. Run BTS

With 87,776,699 streams so far, this track has raked up around $351,107 in revenue for the group.

3. For Youth

This track from Proof has reached 46,587,210 streams as of yet. The artists have earned an estimated streaming revenue of $186,349 from the song.

4. Born Singer

Though this track was available on SoundCloud, it was only this year that it was made available on paid streaming platforms. The song has gained around 35,875,078 streams so far, earning the group around $143,500 in revenue.

5. Left and Right

With a total of 162,122,626 streams at the time of writing this article, this song has earned the artists an approximate revenue of $648,491.

6. Jack In The Box

J-Hope’s solo album has 10 tracks that have gained 156,236,532 streams collectively. So, the estimated revenue earned by him so far through this album amounts to $624,946.


7. Bad Decisions

To date, this song has raked up a total number of 14,694,665 filtered streams worldwide. So, the estimated revenue that the artists earned from the song is $58,779.

These figures are based on estimates, and Spotify’s revenue also varies across regions. So, the real numbers are, in all probability, a little different than those calculated above.

Source: Spotify BTS, Spotify J-Hope and Business Insider