Here’s What Your Next Boba Tea Order Should Be According To MONSTA X

They have “quali-tea” taste.

In an episode of Good Housekeeping‘s Highly Debatable, the boys revealed their go-to tea orders for when they are at Gong Cha, a popular tea drink franchise in Asia. Next time you get a craving for boba, try their favorite drinks out for yourself!

Joohoney and I.M – Chocolate Milk Tea

The rappers can agree that chocolate is the best! They also like to get 50% sugar, 50% ice, and jumbo-sized tapioca pearls.

Minhyuk – Taro

Although he likes chocolate milk tea too, he is a fan of taro with jumbo-sized tapioca pearls and 50/50 sugar and ice.

| JoyCastillo/OpenRice

Shownu – Aloe Vera

Shownu is the rebel of the group choosing aloe instead of the tapioca pearls.

| Gong Cha Regina/Facebook

Kihyun – Oolong Tea

Kihyun chooses a lighter option by selecting an oolong tea base and no ice.

Brown Sugar Oolong Tea | @gongcha_id/Twitter

Hyungwon – Black Milk Tea

Hyungwon didn’t mention it in the interview, but he has previously told Monbebes that he likes black milk tea with jumbo-sized pearls, 50% sugar, and a regular amount of size.

| ruthandatashafoodhouse/Blogger

You can watch their full episode of Highly Debatable below.

Source: Good Housekeeping, GongCha and MONSTA X


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