If MONSTA X Were Disney Princes, This Is Who They Would Be

If MONSTA X were princes straight out of a Disney movie (they are) they’d basically be these guys.

Shownu – Li Shang from Mulan

Chivalrous and handsome, Shang stands for honor, guidance, and openness. Like Shownu, he’s the leader everyone wants.

Wonho – Tarzan from Tarzan

Adventures, brave, helpful, talkative, and just… so gorgeous. Wonho would do well as Prince of the Jungle with his very own Jane.

Minhyuk – Flynn Rider from Tangled

Talkative, handsome, a killer gaze and is a great companion! These are all traits Flynn Rider shares with handsome Minhyuk.

Kihyun – Prince Charming from Cinderella

Caring, easy to fall in love with, considerate, and classically handsome, Kihyun and Prince Charming share a ton in common.

Hyungwon – Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog

Naveen is endlessly handsome (in fact he might be the most handsome prince, really), charming, good with the ladies, and good with music. Hyungwon (a terrific DJ on top of being a beautiful model) has everyone swooning just like Naveen!

Jooheon – The Beast/Prince Adam from Beauty in the Beast

Tough exterior, soft interior, Jooheon may seem like a total bad ass at first, but he’s actually a total softie.

I.M – Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

I.M is romantic, brave, smart, and best of all, loving. He’s also handsome (and you know, Eric is often voted among the top most handsome princes).

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