10+ Times MONSTA X Took Our Breaths Away In Their “GAMBLER” Music Video

Our hearts stopped at #6

MONSTA X returned to the music scene with their ninth mini albumOne Of A Kind featuring the music video “GAMBLER.” It was a stunning video that was reminiscent of Hollywood heist films complete with a compelling storyline.

To MONBEBEs, the members’ visuals were the highlights of the release. Check out some of their best parts below!

1. Joohoney’s Intro

As if pulling the veil over the viewer’s eyes, Joohoney looked straight into the camera and grabbed everyone’s attention. The montage of the other members in black and white were memorable additions.

2. Minhyuk’s Lip Bite

Blink and you might miss it—but Minhyuk‘s lip bite was one of the most heart-stopping parts of the video!

3. Hyungwon’s Solo

There’s a reason why Hyungwon’s visuals are always praised. Even just sitting down, he’s eye-catching!

4. I.M’s Charisma

Don’t be fooled by his maknae status, I.M has always exuded charisma far beyond his years.

5. Kihyun’s Chorus

As the main vocalist, Kihyun owns every single chorus.

6. Shownu’s Walk

Shownu can make a hotel lobby look like a runway with his model-like visuals.

7. This Move

This part of the choreography is repeatable for sure.

8. The Table

Their visuals while on the auction table were out of this world.

Hyungwon | starshipTV/YouTube

Minhyuk | starshipTV/YouTube

Don’t you agree?

Kihyun | starshipTV/YouTube

I.M | starshipTV/YouTube 

9. Joohoney’s High Note

It’s such a flex for a main rapper to also be capable of doing high notes.

10. The Dance Break

In synch? Check. Powerful moves? Check. Stealing our hearts? Double check!

11. The Fight Scene

Kihyun and Minhyuk were off-the-charts cool in their fight sequence.

12. The Ending Pose

And finally, they were full of charisma from start to finish.

We didn’t want this masterpiece to end! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out MONSTA X’s “GAMBLER” music video below.

Source: YouTube