20+ MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Gifs K-Pop Fans Can 100% Relate To

There’s a Hyungwon meme for everything.

A couple years ago, MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon went viral for his sassy Starbucks sipping gif, but fans know he’s always been a living meme. There’s a Hyungwon meme for nearly every situation, and these ones are relatable AF for K-Pop fans.


1. When you’re tempted to get into a Twitter war with an anti-fan, but decide to be the bigger person:


2. When someone asks you to name your favourite K-Pop songs and you instantly forget every K-Pop song you’ve ever listened to.


3. When your family tells you to stop singing K-Pop in the shower.


4. When you’re at home watching fancams from the concert you couldn’t go to:


5. When your group’s comeback date gets announced…then pushed back:


6. When you run into another K-Pop fan, but you’re not in the mood to socialize:


7. When someone says your group will never make it big, but you know they’re wrong:


8. When your group finally does make it big:


9. Trying to learn the choreography like:


10. No subtitles?! Oh, wait. There they are!


11. Every time someone asks you why you listen to Korean music if you can’t understand Korean:


12. When fan theories start to get way too confusing:


13. When fan theories actually start to make sense:


14. When someone says, “They all look like girls”:


15. When you realize you can identify your biases by their ears/hands/noses/etc, but you can’t remember your cousins’ names.


16. When you stay up late to watch your bias’s live stream, but you have no idea what he/she is saying.


17. When you realize that idols are just as dorky as you are:


18. When your heart says “yes” to merch, but your bank balance says “no”:


19. When your bias does something that’s too freaking cute:


20. When you realize that you will probably never meet your bias face to face…


21. …but that won’t stop you from loving them (and their music) from afar!