15 Outfits That Prove MONSTA X’s I.M Is The King Of Casual Fashion

Okay, but how good does he look in outfit #3?

MONSTA X’s I.M can teach us all a thing or two about fashion. Every outfit is planned precisely, down to his choice of accessories. Check out 15 of his best looks that will inspire you to up your own fashion game!

1. We love a man that knows how to wear a pea coat.

2. Throwing a blazer over your shoulders instantly makes you twice as fashionable.

3. You’ll realize how amazing his proportions are when he tucks in his t-shirt.

4. A distressed denim jacket is a staple in any fashionista’s closet.

5. He’s not afraid to play with bright colors and unique shapes.

6. Even when he’s comfy, he still accessorizes with some bold elements like a designer bag.

7. When I.M rocks a shearling coat over his turtleneck, he gives off major boyfriend-material vibes.

8. He likes to experiment with crazy colors and accessories like this fanny pack.

9. It’s all in the details — from this jacket to his belt with tons of grommets, he looks intimidatingly cool!

10. He rocks the glasses and denim jacket look.

11. He even matches his accessories like his black cap, mask, clutch, and slides!

12. I.M invented the monochromatic look — pretty much!

13. When someone takes the time to cuff their jeans, you know they’re serious about looking good.

14. A white button-up shirt under an embellished jean jacket is a combo you may have never thought of, but now you won’t forget it!

15. He keeps everything oversized when his main goals are comfort and warmth.