Here Are 10+ Times MONSTA X’s I.M Was The Goth Boyfriend Of Everyone’s Dreams

WARNING: #3 will make you swerve into his lane real quick.

I.M of MONSTA X has an irresistible edge to him. From the black nails and eyebrow piercing to the harnesses and leather pants, he’s ridiculously attractive. Here are 10+ times his sexy, dark style left us quaking (and wishing he was the goth boyfriend we all want).

1. Edward Cullen who?

2. The graphic tee and earring are giving serious Eboy vibes.

3. I think we can all admit this look is superior.

4. Such a cozy goth bf in that hoodie. UwU

5. I.M + specs = 🖤

6. He just belongs in a leather jacket.

7. No one pulls off an eyebrow piercing quite like I.M.

8. Whoever is styling him in harnesses and collars: Thank you.

9. The black nails are a look.

10. A suit and harness is I.M’s version of a suit and tie.


11. Even a casual look like a black button-up makes him so handsome.


12. What’s better than I.M? Oh yes, wet I.M.

13. Leather pants were made for him.

14. Even black-and-white photos do him justice.

15. Okay, but are these poses legal?

16. He still looks devilishly sexy in white.