MONSTA X’s Kihyun Pinpoints How Each Member Would React In A Deserted Island—And It Shows Their Unique Personalities

Everyone is different.

When it comes to knowing one’s members, MONSTA X‘s Kihyun has a lot to say. In a behind the scenes video for his solo debut song “Voyager,” he was asked which member he’d take to a deserted island.

His answer was immediate: “Shownu. It’s obviously Shownu for a deserted island.” Check out how Kihyun described him and the other members below!

1. Shownu

First up, Kihyun’s choice wasn’t surprising considering that Shownu is the group’s reliable leader. He also showed off his survival instincts in shows like Law of the Jungle and Real Man.

In one sentence, he described him by saying, “You need someone who can survive in a deserted island.” After all, he’s the type of person who would take the lead to make sure both of them would survive and thrive.

[He’ll be like] ‘Hey, let’s get something to eat. Hey, you need to do this. Hey, how about you do that? Hey, let’s go.‘ I think he’ll be like that.

— Kihyun

2. Hyungwon

Hyungwon, on the other hand, wouldn’t do much but mope around according to Kihyun. Though he’s a hard worker, being in a deserted island is too out of the ordinary for the laidback member.

You know, imagine taking Hyungwon—he’ll be miserable.

— Kihyun

3. Joohoney

In Kihyun’s own words, “Joohoney will be like, ‘Oh gosh, what should we do?'” The video’s editors expounded, “He’s a passionate and nice guy but you can’t expect some practical help from him.” Contrary to his fierce looks, Joohoney is a soft and sweet guy at heart!

4. I.M

Maknae I.M is the type of person who would spend his time on a deserted island meditating. He will apparently be even more quiet than usual.

And I.M, he’ll be like, ‘What nice weather to die.’

— Kihyun

5. Minhyuk

Finally, Kihyun couldn’t help but say, “Wow” when talking about Minhyuk, as if he were exhausted just thinking about being stuck with him away from civilization. Like the same-age friends they are, they would spend the entire day arguing over the littlest things.

If you take Minhyuk with you, wow! [You won’t be bored—at least as you will be busy arguing with him].

— Kihyun

Source: YouTube