7 Of MONSTA X’s Sexiest Moments, According To Fans

What would you add to the list?

MONSTA X fans can’t resist the group being sexy. Though there are too many to count, here are seven of the group’s sexiest moments, according to fans.

1. This water performance

Though MONSTA X have since done several water numbers, the ending for their performance at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards was particularly special.

2. This encore performance of “Love Killa”

When MONSTA X received their first win for “Love Killa” on The Show, they celebrated by performing their encore stage a bit… differently.

3. Shownu’s performance of “Hip Song”

At the 2019 KBS Song Festival MONSTA X’s leader, and main dancer, Shownu performed a cover of Rain‘s song “Hip Song” with GOT7‘s Yugyeom and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu. Fans still can’t over his seductive hip rolls.

4. Joohoney’s heartfelt speech

According to fans, not all of MONSTA X’s sexiest moments fall under the dictionary definition of “sexy”. At the 2019 V Heartbeat Awards Joohoney gave a speech thanking Monbebe of all walks of life. He ended with his signature saying, “Be happy. Stay happy.”

5. Letting Joohoney produce MONSTA X tracks

This time, Joohoney gets a nod for being an active producer of MONSTA X songs. He even produced the group’s last two comeback title tracks, “Gambler” and “Rush Hour”.

6. Their COVID-19 donation

In 2020, MONSTA X donated money to a charity for COVID-19 relief without informing their company, Starship Entertainment.

7. The Ferrero Rocher line

During their “We Are Here” tour, members Wonho, Joohoney, and Shownu wore matching gold tops with black pants. Fans began to affectionately refer to them as the “Ferrero Rocher” line, referencing the gold wrapper of the chocolate by the same name.

What sexy moments would you add to the list?