9 Moments Where MONSTA X’s Besties Joohoney And I.M Show Their Everlasting Friendship

These JooKyun moments are sure to put a smile on your face!

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and I.M have made a name for themselves as the group’s charismatic rap line duo, often stylized together as JooKyun.

MONSTA X’s Joohoney (left) and I.M (right) | @Blaze_Moment_JH/Twitter

Over the years they have dazzled MONBEBE with their powerful and confident performances.

While Joohoney and I.M often team up to show their fierceness in performances or music videos, they are also known for their close friendship.

Here are nine cute Joohoney and I.M moments that prove that they are true besties.

1. Bringing out each other’s silly side

From stage performances alone, Joohoney and I.M may appear to be intimidating, but this is not the case at all, especially when they spend time together.

2. Appreciating each other’s differences

As Joohoney is more extroverted at times and I.M can be more introverted, they end up balancing each other out.

3. Chaotic antics

Their dramatic interaction here will make you laugh!

4. Impromptu dance battle

Even on the stage, Joohoney and I.M love to joke around.

5. Hyping each other up

Check out Joohoney’s adorable dance as he vibes to I.M’s rap!

6. Joohoney’s definition of love includes…

During MONSTA X’s “NO LIMIT” concert in New York City on May 21, Joohoney pointed to MONBEBE as he described his definition of love, but I.M wished to be included too.

7. Taking care of each other

In this clip, I.M wipes away a piece of debris off of Joohoney’s face with care.

8. Sharing words of appreciation

Joohoney shared what he admires about I.M on a 2019 episode of Weekly Idol.

9. It’s in the small moments

I.M motioned for Joohoney to come closer during a performance but was met with a cute surprise instead!