Here’s 5 Things We Should All Stop Doing, According To GOT7’s Youngjae

Take Youngjae’s advice!

MTV News recently interviewed GOT7‘s Youngjae. He talked about his experience working on his first major acting role and doing the OST for the Korean sitcom So Not Worth It. He also revealed his top five things that he considers “so not worth it.”

GOT7’s Youngjae in “So Not Worth It” | @NetflixKR/Twitter

Here are five things we should all stop doing as according to Youngjae…

1. Worrying

The first thing that is so not worth it is worrying. I tend to look at things that are trivial to others as really big things, and I would worry too much about them. If I worry less, my life would be easier.

— Youngjae

2. Not watching So Not Worth It

Not watching So Not Worth It would be so not worth it because it means you would not be watching me, and I cannot accept that.

— Youngjae

3. Lying

The next thing that is so worth it is lying to friends. You should always tell the truth, but then sometimes white lies would be good to have.

— Youngjae

4. Dieting

The next thing that is so not worth it is going on a diet. I don’t want to go on diet, but sometimes, because of my job, I have to go on a diet. And some of my fans say they are on a diet, and I think it’s so not worth it. Be happy as you.

— Youngjae

Youngjae previously discouraged a fan from dieting during a live broadcast too.

5. Holding back feelings

The last thing that is so not worth it is not getting angry when you feel angry. I mean, why hold it back? You can get angry and express yourself. Holding back your feelings would be so not worth it. I mean, this other person makes me feel angry, so why do I have to hold back? Always express yourself and be yourself.

— Youngjae

Check out the full interview below:

Source: MTV News and Image