10+ Must-See Moments From Stray Kids’ BuzzFeed Puppy Interview That Prove Bang Chan And Hyunjin Were Born To Be Dog Dads

#10 was peak dad behavior.

Stray Kids dished on many subjects during their memorable “puppy interview,” but Bang Chan and Hyunjin were too busy being the world’s cutest dog dads.

Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram
Hyunjin | @realstraykids/Instagram

The group discussed everything from their workout routines to their plans for future music, even teasing a 3RACHA album. Yet, if there’s one thing that the interview made clear, it’s that Bang Chan and Hyunjin were not there to answer questions. Here are 10+ must-see moments from Stray Kids’ BuzzFeed Puppy Interview that prove Bang Chan and Hyunjin truly are the perfect dog dads!


1. Bang Chan not answering any questions even several minutes into the interview

2. Hyunjin petting his puppy the way he pets his own dog Kkami

3. Hyunjin spreading the love equally like a fair and just father

4. Bang Chan being the chaotically playful dad

5. Bang Chan proving his popularity among the puppies

6. Both Bang Chan and Hyunjin showing off their superior puppy talk skills

7. Bang Chan showing his gentle side to the shy puppy

8. Hyunjin making everyone soft with his gentle love

9. Bang Chan announcing his intention to be a dog dad

10. Hyunjin making it his mission to calm “Maniac” down

11. When Han had to almost single-handedly carry out the interview

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the full interview right here!

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