5 MUST Try Flavors At Baskin Robbins During Your Visit To Korea

There’s a flavor called what?!

When traveling internationally, you may not want to eat at places you can find locally, such as McDonald’s or Baskin Robbins.

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While the logic behind that thought makes sense (after all, you could just eat at those places when you’re at home, right?) sometimes international franchises offer things that can’t be found at your local branch!

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In Korea, for example, they have a unique flavor called “Mother is an alien”, which is milk, dark, and white chocolate ice creams with sweet choco balls throughout.

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Lucky for us, Korean vlogger Rachel Kim previously shared a video of her trying the strange and unique flavors offered at Baskin Robbins in her country! (Thank you, Rachel!)

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Rachel (and Baskin Robbins Korea) does not disappoint. Look at that incredible selection! 🤤

Source: Rachel Kim/YouTube

So, without further ado, here are the # unique flavors you must try from Korea’s Baskin Robbins!

1. Mother is an alien

Source: Rachel Kim/YouTube

As we mentioned earlier, this ice cream is a combination of milk, dark, and white chocolate! Basically, it’s the perfect ice cream.

2. Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind is a cheesecake ice cream with blueberry and strawberry syrup and cheesecake chunks. Sounds amazing, right?

3. Choco tree forest

Source: Rachel Kim/YouTube

Choco tree forest is a green tea and chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces throughout. (Delicious!!)

4. Strawberry in love

Source: Rachel Kim/YouTube

This is a strawberry cheesecake ice cream with strawberry and chocolate pieces, and just like “Gone with the wind” this ice cream features cheesecake chunks!

5. Pistachio almond

Source: Rachel Kim/YouTube

Pistachio ice cream with almond pieces throughout. Lots of almond pieces.

Although Rachel had six flavors on the carrier, her final flavor was mint chocolate chip, which is widely available around the world and arguably one of the best flavors no matter where you get it.

Watch Rachel’s whole video below for her genuine reactions to each flavor. Who knows, if she gets sponsorship from Baskin Robbins maybe we can all look forward to more ice cream content! 😀