12 Must Watch BTS Videos That Newer ARMYs May Not Have Seen

These old BTS videos have to be seen.

BTS has been active since 2013 but not many ARMYs have been with them since the start so they may have missed some of their older content. These are some must watch BTS videos that newer ARMYs may not be aware of.

1. Danger (Blues Version)

This dramatic and exciting version of ‘Danger’ is a video that not many ARMYs are aware of and that’s a shame because it’s amazing.

2. Dope (Jazz Version)

Likewise for this jazz version of ‘Dope’. A full version doesn’t exist but BTS performed it briefly live and everyone who has seen it is crying out for more jazzy BTS.

3. BTS cover(?) “It’s Tricky” by Run-DMC

It’s just really important that ARMYs watch this video.

4. The alternate versions of ‘Just One Day’

There are actually three more versions of the ‘Just One Day’ music video that aren’t on Big Hit’s official channel. They are the dance version, the facial expression version and the one-take version.

5. The unofficial official music video for ‘Butterfly’

Although an official music video for ‘Butterfly’ doesn’t exist, BTS actually recorded an unofficial video for The Show.

6. The 2015 MAMA trailer

What were they doing in that bathroom?

7. Japanese version acoustic medley

At a Japanese fan meeting, ARMYs were blessed with this acoustic medley of the Japanese versions of ‘Boy in Luv’, ‘Danger’ and ‘I NEED U’.

8. ‘Spinebreaker’ music video

This music video that was self-produced by BTS is almost a rite of passage for newer ARMYs.

9. ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘I NEED U’ (Live band version)

These versions of ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘I NEED U’ performed with a live band are an eargasm.

10. ‘Boy in Luv’ (Demo Version)

Many ARMYs wish this version actually ended up being the final version of the song.