5 Little-Known Facts About The New Lead Of “River Where The Moon Rises” Na In Woo

He used to train in JYP Entertainment!

Previously it was reported that KBS would be replacing its main lead, Ji Soo, in upcoming K-Drama, River Where The Moon Rises. Due to bullying allegations made against Ji Soo as well as his handwritten apology, public view of the actor has not been positive. Although the drama is reported to be 95% done with filming, KBS has decided to recast its male lead. They have selected rookie actor, Na In Woo to fill in the spot.

As we welcome the new lead, here’s 5 things you probably didn’t know about him.

1. This will be his first lead role

Born in 1994, Na In Woo has steadily built up a portfolio of acting in various dramas such as Mr. Queen and Mystic Pop-up Bar. River Where The Moon Rises will be his very first lead role. He debuted back in 2015 with Shine Or Go Crazy.

| Cube Entertainment

2. He is set to act opposite former I.O.I’s Kim Sohye

Na In Woo has been cast in upcoming release, Her Bucket List. Other than the fact that Kim Sohye of I.O.I fame will be his female lead, not much else has been made known.

3. He can play the guitar well

Having trained under CUBE Entertainment, Na In Woo possesses a while bunch of talents. Check out his guitar playing skills below.

4. He used to train at JYP Entertainment

Na In Woo was street cast by JYP Entertainment due to his tall physique and gorgeous looks. Later on, he moved to CUBE Entertainment to make his debut as an actor. Given his talent in music, it is no surprise that he used to train to be an idol. He loves music so much that he owns 5 guitars.

5. His acting chops

He was so convincing in his role as Byeong In on Mr. Queen! He played the role of a lovelorn friend to Shin Hye Sun‘s character. Although he didn’t get the girl in the end (ah, second lead syndrome) at least he got his name out there. Check out his acting below.

We can’t wait for the drama to air!

Source: Star Today