BTS Is Lighting Up Like “Dynamite” In 30+ New Behind The Scenes Photos

Naver and Big Hit Entertainment have released new photos from “Dynamite” promotions.

Big Hit Entertainment and Naver have teamed up to bring fans new behind the scenes photos from BTS‘s “Dynamite” promotions. From America’s Got Talent to The Tonight Show, here are 30+ photos of BTS lighting up like “Dynamite”!

1. BTS

Here they are, all dressed up and ready to take over the “Hot 100” chart…

…and dance through Everland.

They brought big star power to NPR Music‘s “Tiny Desk”…

…and pure talent to

BTS on roller skates for The Tonight Show was the icing on the cake!

2. Jin

As always, Jin is Worldwide Handsome on stage…

…and off it…

…even when he’s getting sabotaged.

3. Suga

Even in the pandemic, BTS has a packed schedule, but Suga still finds time to practice guitar…

…when he’s not too busy wrecking our bias lists.

Suga x sunglasses is a ship we can all get behind, right?

(Suga sans glasses is handsome too, of course.)

4. J-Hope

J-Hope brought his retro-chic charms to the roller rink…

…and his sunny smile to the stage. WARNING: His dangerous duality is coming in 3…


…1! This isn’t just a look. It’s the look.

5. RM

Speaking of looks, we can’t get enough of BTS’s fearless leader, RM.

Dear Google, how can anyone look this handsome while tying their shoes…

…and drying their hair?

Follow up question: how can I be that hair?

6. Jimin

As always, Jimin brought lots of cuteness to the set…

…and even Jin couldn’t block it out.

All glasses look fantastic on this flexible king.

Here’s proof:

7. V

This isn’t a glasses commercial, but oh Good Boy, it could be. We’ll buy whatever he’s selling!

Behold the green suit that broke the internet

…and the star who made it possible.

Petition for V to star in a sports K-Drama? (Yes, please!)

8. Jungkook

The Golden Maknae brought golden, honey vocals to “Tiny Desk”…

…and MTV‘s VMAs. 

He loves to mess with his members whenever they try to take photos, so Jin and Jimin happily returned the favor.