NCT 127 Members Reveal Their Hobbies

Can you guess which member fell in love with tennis?

NCT 127 recently revealed the hobbies they can’t get enough of in an interview with Elite Daily. Although the group has been busy preparing for their comeback this September, they’ve been taking time to de-stress and relax whenever they can.

Here’s a list of the members’ hobbies!

1. Taeil

Taeil‘s love for music runs deep! Even after recording sessions and long days in the practice room, he enjoys listening to music on high quality speakers. Taeil is a fan of the brand Focal‘s speakers because their flat sound is close to what the artists intended for each track.

| mo.on_air/Instagram

2. Johnny

Johnny is a huge fan of horror films, and he recently watched The Conjuring franchise! He enjoyed the films so much that he even looked up articles about the true stories behind the movies!

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

3. Taeyong

Taeyong is all about connection! He enjoys spending time with the members and interacting with NCTzens.

| nctaezen/Tumblr

4. Yuta

Yuta loves hitting the gym to get a workout in! Although he doesn’t follow a specific fitness regimen, he likes that exercising helps him to build up his strength.

| yutaslaugh/Tumblr

5. Doyoung

Ever since being cast in Marie Antoinette, Doyoung‘s fallen in love with musical theatre!

“I find it very precious how you can share emotions through singing and acting,” he said.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

6. Jungwoo

Just like Yuta, Jungwoo loves to exercise! He believes exercising helps him live a healthier, richer life.

| @nct127/Instagram

7. Jaehyun

When Jaehyun is stressed, he plays tennis! He started playing tennis after his father recommended it, and he’s enjoyed getting better at the sport little by little.

| leeyunos/Tumblr

8. Mark

Hair care is Mark‘s newfound hobby! Mark wants his scalp and hair to be healthy, and he believes hair care is super important because he changes his hair color often.

| @deputymarklee/Twitter

9. Haechan

Haechan’s all about smelling good! Although he doesn’t have a favorite scent, NCT 127’s youngest member likes the self-satisfaction that smelling good brings him.

| @nct127/Instagram
Source: Image (1) and (2) and Elite Daily