Fans Are Calling NCT’s Taeil The “Hidden Visual” But We Beg To Differ – He’s Just Outright Handsome

And here’s 10 moments to prove it.

It seems that NCT‘s Taeil is drawing buzz lately as fans are rediscovering his charms! The 1994-er is in charge of main vocals and is the eldest hyung as well. Aside from his job as the group’s petite fairy that never seems to age, he also serves up some real visuals.

Fans are beginning to rediscover Taeil’s legendary looks, as they have recently been buried by “mouse-bitten hair” as some NCTzens term it. A post circulating on online communities touted him as the “hidden visual” of NCT, to which many comments agreed.

It seems that many fans are demanding a return of Taeil’s black hair as with NCT 127‘s “Touch” and “Limitless” era. Taeil currently sports a bright red ‘do with front bangs.

We might have to agree with them on this one – he looks simply stunning with the simplest haircuts and color. Here are 10 times Taeil has slayed us all with his visuals.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

1. Denim and vintage

A more recent cut, Taeil rocked varying shades of red hair for his recent promotions with “Kick It” and “Punch”! The vintage wash of the denim and his faraway gaze reminds us of James Dean!

| SM Entertainment

2. Fresh and young

A little throwback to his earlier days, he looked absolutely youthful with this shade of blonde and his clear skin. We demand for a return of this cut!

| @onesoulfit_/Twitter

3. “Cherry Bomb” superior, periodt

Much like the comments in the post claim, Taeil certainly looked amazing in the color pink and with the overall kitschy theme of their “Cherry Bomb” era.

| SM Entertainment via Cloudy-DH/Tistory

4. Sweet and simple

Taeil rocks the simple white tee like no other. He accessorizes it beautifully with a classic leather strap necklace.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter


If you’ve yet to experience the glory that his Taeil’s immaculate side profile, take a look at this stunner.

| SM Entertainment

6. We’d call him “sir” any day

Taeil could be the boss of us and we wouldn’t complain – he looked amazing in the teaser videos for “Superhuman”, with his hair slicked back and in a suit.

| SM Entertainment

7. Preppy and princely

SM Entertainment stylists, we beg of you – please return dark-haired Taeil to us. If this photo doesn’t convince you, we might as well give up and get used to Tomato Taeil.

| @onesoulfit_/Twitter

8. Goldilocks

Taeil looked even more fairy-like with blonde hair, and the tousled locks made him look even more boyish. He even managed to pull off the odd studded mask accessory.

| Singing In The Moon

9. Soulful and pensive

Taeil’s talents really shine when he sings ballad songs such as in this cut from “Make Your Day”. Here is more of his beautiful side profile as he thoughtfully stares into the distance.

10. Taeil in a headband

Probably one of the only men on the planet that could pull off both a hairband thicker than his forehead and a polkadot button down.

As NCT 127 is currently on a rest period after a successful round of promotions with “Punch” in May, we can’t wait to see what looks SM Entertainment cooks up for Taeil next. We can be sure that he will pull it off flawlessly yet again!

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