Here’s How To Dress Like NCT’s Doyoung In “Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker”

Student-friendly looks!

NCT‘s Doyoung recently starred in MBC Drama‘s Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker. He acted as 17 year old Son Jiwoo, a student in love. Doyoung’s dressing in the short film suited that of a high schooler to a T! Here’s how you can dress like the adorable singer.

1. Casual fits

This sweatshirt is from DIME, and is part of their Classic summer collection.

It retails for ₩155,000 KRW ($140 USD) but has since sold out!

2. The iconic hoodie

Doyoung’s been seen with this hoodie a few times during the filming of the drama.

It’s from WOOALONG and it it retails for ₩76,000 ($69 USD).

3. 1988 knit

This navy knit sweater is from EBBETS FIELD and retails for ₩79,000 ($70 USD)

Doesn’t he look perfect in a layered shirt and knit?

If you want to look as cozy as Doyoung does in Cafe Midnight, all you need are sweaters and hoodies it seems! Don’t forget to catch Son Jiwoo in action on Seezn.