Here’s NCT Doyoung’s Perfume Collection And How Each Scent Smells Like, Perfect For Those That Love Fresh, Soapy Scents

An in-depth review!

For those that love to take shopping cues from idols, we’ve got your back! If you’ve been hunting for your next perfume buy and don’t know which to get, how about a look into NCT Doyoung‘s perfume collection?

First and foremost, his taste in perfumes is of the fresh and slightly powdery range. He enjoys perfumes that smell like fresh laundry and soap, sometimes with a light floral hint. If that’s up your alley, read on.

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One of Doyoung’s most famous bottles, BLANCHE contains musk and sandalwood for the base, peony and violet for the middle notes and rose and pink pepper for the top. It is described as a light, soapy scent that is floral, yet not overwhelming.

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2. Lime Basil & Mandarin from Jo Malone

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The citrusy notes are balanced with some iris and lilac base notes. It’s described as spicy, woody and citrusy.

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3. Soleil Blanc from Tom Ford

Bergamot and pink pepper start us off, while the middle notes and tuberose, ylang-ylang and jasmine, finishing off with a coconut and amber base. Similar to BLANCHE, it smells deliciously clean, with just the right hint of coconut and white florals. A crowd pleaser.

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4. AnOther 13 from Le Labo

While Soleil Blanc and BLANCHE are easy on the nose for just about everyone, AnOther 13 may throw you off at first with its woody and animalic scent. Made of ambroxan, which is a faux musk, as well as amber and moss, this scent is not for everyone. A winning scent, however, for those that enjoy unique things.

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5. 1957 from CHANEL

Doyoung’s taste is nothing if not consistent. 1957 features bergamot and pink pepper as top notes, orange blossom and jasmine for middle, and cedar, honey and vanilla for the base notes. Musk is used throughout.

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He recently updated fans with another shot of his collection, with two added scents.

6. ??? from Santa Maria Novella

We are only able to name the maker for this one, as he did not feature the name of the scent in his update. When fans asked what scent it was during a video call, Doyoung responded that he could not remember. Fans are guessing it to be Freesia however, as it suits his palette.

7. Neroli 36 from Le Labo

Last but not least, Neroli 36. Once again, it is a white floral, musky and citrusy scent. Top notes are orange blossom and mandarin, while middle notes are jasmine and rose, and base notes are musk and vanilla.

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We hope this list has helped in your decision for your next treat to yourself!