NCT Dream’s Jeno Is A Total Carbon Copy Of Sanrio’s Cinnamoroll – Here Are 10 Receipts, Your Honor

We have to agree.

According to the Sanrio webpage, Cinnamoroll is a puppy with floppy ears that was born on a cloud high up in the sky in 2002. It’s long ears enable it to fly! On the other hand, Jeno is a human boy born in 2000, on planet earth, and currently is active as a member of NCT Dream. His eye smile and pure talent enable him to capture more fans.

The two possess striking similarities, something that has not gone unnoticed by NCTzens. In fact, he resembles a puppy so much that fans affectionately call him “Jen-moong“, as “moong-moongie” is often used to refer to a puppy in Korean.

Here are 10 moments where Jeno truly was the doppelgänger of the fluffy character.

1. With a shy but excited smile

The way his lips curve up in a bow whenever he smiles may just be the key reason why many fans compare him to Cinnamoroll!

2. When he used a towel

Jeno unwittingly turned himself into the character with the use of a towel to mop up sweat under his cap. Doesn’t it look exactly like the floppy long ears of Cinnamoroll?

3. Ribbons and a puppy-eyed gaze

Jeno had ribbons stuck to his hair during a live broadcast and managed to look adorable. The imploring gaze and his slightly upturned lips are a carbon copy of the flying puppy.

4. Squish

Jeno looks adorable in this closeup as he moved closer to the camera on live broadcast. His chubby, round cheeks made him look even more adorable.

5. Truly a puppy

Jeno is seen here biting his cue card from his time as an MC on The Show. We are convinced he is a puppy that has temporarily taken on human form!

6. His face of pure content

In a sweet moment as he hugs onto Mark from NCT, a member he holds dear, Jeno looks as content as Cinnamoroll when it sleeps on a cloud.

7. A smart cookie

Looking dapper in a sequin suit with his hair slicked back with pomade and smart glasses, Jeno looks exactly like Cinnamoroll when it plays detective.

8. T-e-a-r-s

He may be crying some fake ones but we’re over here shedding real tears at how cute he looks!

9. Sleepy puppy

Jen-moong falling asleep sideways is a picture perfect copy of little Cinnamoroll doing the same.

10. Shaking it off

On a livestream, Jeno is seen shaking his head wildly as he smiles for the camera. Luckily, a fan captured the moment and edited it next to one of Cinnamoroll doing the same, so we could see the similarities!

In fact, Jeno is well aware of the fact that fans compare him to Cinnamoroll. During a fan meet in 2019, a fan asked him if he knew of the fact, and he responded in the affirmative, even doodling a cute little version of the character on her album.

On the other hand, Jeno is not the only NCT member that looks like a Sanrio character! Fans often compare Jungwoo and Pocchaco as well!