9 Times NCT DREAM’s Renjun Had The Longest Legs Ever

He may be the shortest member, but he has legs for days.

Regarding proportions, NCT DREAM‘s Renjun never fails to leave everyone stunned by his slim figure—especially his small waist. Though he may be the shortest NCT DREAM member, here are nine times Renjun had the longest legs ever.

Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

1. Long In Leather, Pt. 1

The black leather pants perfectly contrast with the white jacket to show off Renjun’s long legs.

2. Long Bow

Even when taking a bow, NCTzens can’t miss how long his legs are.

3. Fitted And Knitted

Renjun’s extremely fitted jeans and knitted Balenciaga sneakers seamlessly show off the length of his legs.

| 000323_

4. Airport Chic

He looks taller than ever, with his pants neatly folded where they meet his boots.

5. Long In Leather, Pt. 2

As if Renjun’s legs didn’t look long enough, his graceful dancing made them look longer.

6. Long Stretch

Even before he hits the stage, a round of stretching reminds everyone how long his legs truly are.

| 000323_

7. Long Pose

With a single pose, Renjun not only serves charisma but legs.

8. Long Kick

Nearly doing a split with his powerful kick, the idol left everyone breathless with his agile legs.

9. Causal Chic

Wearing a simple pair of pants, Renjun once again proves that his legs are longer than ever.


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