5 Of NCT’s Most Debatable Styles

Makes you wonder if they fought with their stylists.

The boys of NCT are known for their dashing good looks, sharp dance moves and powerful vocals to back it up. Although recent eras such as the suit-like uniforms during “Boss” and the more recent military jacket ensemble for “Punch” are gaining praise, their debut clothing style and hair are a long-running joke amongst veteran NCTzens. For those new to the group, here is a quick flashback to their now iconic looks.

1. Mark’s Ramyun Hair

The electrified blond strands are probably what one thinks of whenever NCT mentions bad hair. A fan even edited a hilarious clip of the time Mark mentioned “bad hair days” during an interview.

2. Mark’s mushroom hair

Hilariously touted as a ‘rite of passage’ for all SM group maknaes, even the multi-talented member couldn’t escape the grasps of the bowl-cut. The style was actually pretty popular amongst males in Korea that wanted to look younger and fresher back in the day.

3. Pink Camo Print

Almost as iconic as their “leg-split choreography” in the latter part of “Cherry Bomb”, the pink cam print actually gets better the more you look at it, perhaps due to the addictive nature of the song’s hook.

4. Johnny’s Long Bob

The stuff of dreams or nightmares – you decide. Johnny’s luscious tresses didn’t last very long though, and seldom made appearance outside of the music video for “Wakey Wakey”.

5. The entire “Firetruck” era basically

If you sat through NCT’s 2016 promotions during the Firetruck cycle, you are officially a champ. Their long kilts and tees with funky prints still remain a questionable part of their fashion to fans.

Bonus: NCT in suits

Although they once had to wear out-of-the-world fashions on red carpets, the boys are often seen sporting chic, tailored suits in front of the flashing bulbs now.


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