Watch NCT’s Jisung Grow Up – His Broadcast History From Pre-Debut To NCT 2020

He’ll always be the baby.

NCT‘s Jisung may be turning 20 (Korean age) next year, making him a full-fledged adult, but he will always be the baby of NCT and NCTzens. Despite his young age, he already has a fulfilling, long career! Did you know he debuted on TV even before he was casted by SM Entertainment? Watch him grow up right here.

1. “Show Me The Money”

His “debut stage” was actually on Show Me The Money‘s first season.

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2. Fated meeting

Even before he had entered SM Entertainment, he appeared in a Gayo Festival stage with Super Junior‘s Shindong.

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3. Short film

He was a child actor and often appeared in short films.

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4. Dramas

He even appeared in a couple of public broadcast dramas.

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5. …and more dramas

Jisung sure lived a busy childhood.

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6. Educational kids’ shows

He also appeared in kids’ shows.

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7. Poppin’ Hyunjoon

His stint in a kids’ dance group under Poppin’ Hyunjoon led him to appear in documentaries.

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8. Pre-debut NCT Dream

Not long after, he entered SM Entertainment and was placed into the debut team for NCT Dream. He was and still is well-loved by his hyungs.

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9. Mickey Mouse Club

He appeared in Disney Korea’s Mickey Mouse Club with the other SM Rookies.

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10. His debut

Finally, in 2016, Jisung debuted as part of NCT Dream with “Chewing Gum”.

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Finally, here is Jisung now in 2020. Although he’s the last member to turn an adult, fans aren’t ready to let him grow up!

Source: pann