NCT Mark’s 5 Adorable Habits That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

Oi, what a cutie.

NCT‘s Mark is adorable enough with his visual game being 100/100 on fire. But the little things that he does, his quirky “habits” which the fans have noticed over time, throw him right into extra-cutie mode!


1. Pushing His Thinking Button

When Mark has to think something through, or he can’t remember something, he will often bring his index finger to his eye brow and “push his thinking button”.


2. Holding On To His Dear Backpack

Of all the things he treasures, Mark must really like his backpacks – because whenever he is spotted wearing one, he’ll most likely be holding on to the straps like this!


3. Using His Hand Speakers

Mark, when he has to – or wants to – get something across to the fans, tries to make himself audible by bringing his hands to his mouth and turning them into temporary loud speakers!


4. Hiding His Face When He’s Feelin’ Shy

And if things get a little too intimidating or steamy for Mark to handle, he’ll transform himself into a smol turtle and hide his face with his hands – or whatever else he has available in his hands!


5. Pinching His Teammates’ Elbows

Finally, as one of Mark’s quirkiest and cutest habit, he likes to pinch – and sometimes simply hang on to – his teammates’ elbows. Seems like Mark finds his peace by grabbing on to things!

Source: Nate Pann