8 Times Fansites Photoshopped Random Things Out Of NCT Photos…And You Probably Didn’t Even Notice

These days, you just can’t trust anyone.

International fans largely rely on fan-taken images as part of their K-Pop experience, but what you see might not always be the truth. NCT‘s fansite managers have been having way too much fun “improving” their photos in small, unexpected ways that are impossible to notice unless you already know what to look for.


1. Tie?


2. More like “good-bye”!


3. Printed shorts?


4. Not on my stage!


5. Sorry, Mr. McQueen, but this suit has way too much happening…


6. There. Better.


7. Red? No, no. Taeyong would look sexier in…


8. …black!


9. Logo?


10. What logo?


11. That logo!


12. I have no idea what you’re talking about.


13. Sparkles…


14. …were a mistake. His stylist will thank me someday.


15. Okay, just one more thing. That background…


16. …is way too distracting!


17. BONUS: No more wrinkles…ever again!