NCT’s Shotaro Was A Professional Dancer Before Debuting In NCT — Here Are 10 Times He Proved He’s Got Insane Skills

He’s got the ultimate main dancer vibes.

NCT Shotaro‘s prodigious dancing talent has not gone unnoticed by NCTzens. Before Shotaro became a trainee at SM Entertainment, he was already an experienced professional dancer who had even worked with big acts in Japan, which sets him apart from other trainees who often learn to dance only once they’re in the company.

Promotional image for NCT’s “Universe” | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Yet, many fans have pointed out that Shotaro’s experience and talent as a professional dancer pre-debut have not been acknowledged enough.

Shotaro’s dancing prowess already speaks for itself, but here are 10 times that he proved he more than deserves the title of dancing ace!


1. When he busted these moves pre-debut

Shotaro was already a pro before he ever debuted as a K-Pop idol, and there is amazing evidence to back this up.

2. When he demonstrated his own skills as a choreographer

Shotaro’s relay cam in NCT’s big 24-hour relay cam event naturally showed him dancing. He spent his hour practicing many routines, including learning the “90’s Love” choreography from Sungchan. He also demonstrated his own knack for choreographing with a routine he designed for NCT DREAM‘s “119.”

3. When he proved he’s been a dancing machine since day one

Another great clip of pre-debut Shotaro, this video once again shows how, even though Shotaro has come very far as a member of NCT, he was already amazing before he joined it.

4. When he instantly learned three NCT choreographies (and nailed them)

NCT World saw each of the group’s 23 members take on a special challenge custom-made for them. As the group’s newest dancing prodigy, Shotaro was asked to quickly study segments from three different NCT choreographies, and he was able to perform perfectly on the spot with pretty much no preparation.

5. When he showed he was main dancer material in NCT U’s “Make A Wish”

“Make A Wish” went down in NCT history as one of its most iconic songs, and Shotaro was a big part of it. It was his debut track, and his dancing really brought out the unit’s best.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

6. And then again in NCT U’s “Universe”

Shotaro’s debut in “Make A Wish” proved he more than deserved to be in the title track. It says a lot about his skills that, even though the “Universe” unit was filled with amazing dancers, it was Shotaro’s dancing that really lent the choreography much of its sharp dynamism.

NCT U’s “Universe” Dance Practice | NCT/YouTube

7. When he showed off his insane flexibility

Some fans pointed out one particularly crazy move that shows Shotaro’s flexibility. It required him to drop to the floor and kick one leg up high, and the insane angle he achieved just goes to show what he is capable of.

8. When he collaborated with some of the best male dancers in K-Pop

Shotaro worked on a cover of GOT7‘s “Hard Carry” with Stray KidsHyunjin, THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon, and ASTRO‘s Moonbin, all of whom are considered to be some of the best dancers in the industry. It says a lot about Shotaro’s talent that he was chosen to represent NCT!

| KBS Kpop/Youtube

9. When he memorized NCT U’s “The 7th Sense” in two days

Given how quickly he was able to memorize parts of “Kick It,” “Boom,” and “Take Off,” it’s probably not all that surprising that he was able to learn all of “The 7th Sense” in under 2 days. He’s probably already mastered all NCT dances!

10. When he dropped this jaw-dropping performance video for “Wake Up”

Fans are rightfully calling for more opportunities for Shotaro to show what he can do, and this dance performance by him proves why they are right to do so. His moves are so sharp and the tone of the performance is so mature that it’s almost hard to believe he’s as young as he is. Shotaro is a true professional, able to express all kinds of concepts in the most dynamic way possible.

With SM Entertainment’s new project NCT LAB coming up, Shotaro will hopefully get the chance to really show off his pro skills in some potential solo projects and in new unit combinations with other members. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do! He truly deserves to be recognized as one of the leading dancers of his generation.