Here Are The 9 Sexiest Times NCT’s Taeyong Wore Chokers For Your Viewing Pleasure

Look at how hot he looks in #5 and thank us later.

NCT‘s Taeyong polishes every outfit off with a choker and it’s totally hot. From belts and chains to glitter and sparkles, here are 9 of his sexiest moments to bless your eyes.

1. This 90’s heartthrob aesthetic. 😍

2. The combination of the belt, zipper, and buckle makes us weak.

3. Casually making a collar look hot AF.

4. This boy can seriously accessorize…and it’s hot.

5. When you say you want a goth boyfriend, this is what you mean.

6. Taeyong knows exactly what he’s doing to fans.

7. “WOW” says it all.

8. The pop of red adds just enough edge to his look.

9. In need of a choker? Use a belt like Taeyong!