5+ Unedited Videos Of NCT’s Taeyong At The Loewe Fashion Show Showing What He Actually Looks Like IRL

#8 has fans hoping he can walk a runway soon.

NCT‘s Taeyong recently attended the Loewe Fall Winter 2023 Collection fashion show, leaving fans in awe of his handsome visuals.

NCT’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram
| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Here are eight unedited pictures and videos of Taeyong that show off his real-life visuals.

1. When he stepped out of the car and fans weren’t prepared

| @u_oew/Twitterย 

2. When he greeted crowds of fans, showing his true personality

| @tyongclips/Twitter

| @i_D/Twitter

3. When his eye contact was definitely making fans blush

| @myriceball_/Twitter

4. When he proved he could be a professional model

| @tyongclips/Twitter

5. And when he showed just how respectful he is

| @tyzip_/Twitter

6. When he was the main event at the fashion show

| @deeryeo/Twitter

7. When he knew how to perfectly arrange his jacket to show off his tattoo

| @tyzip_/Twitterย 

8. And when he proved he was ready to walk the runway

| @tyzip_/Twitterย 


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