10 Extremely Relatable Reactions To NCT Taeyong’s Sexy SNL Skit

Even non-fans are thinking about #5.

NCT‘s Taeyong recently nailed his role on SNL as the “fatal boyfriend” — and made everyone fall for him in the process!

Check out 10 reactions from fans below that are just too accurate, hilarious, and relatable!

1. Say hello to the king of duality.

2. Chenle giggling is all of us.

3. Well, they’re not wrong.

4. This couldn’t be more accurate.

5. Everyone needs to know: When will we get actor Taeyong?!

6. He was WILD for doing this.

7. As the years go by, Taeyong is the gift that keeps on giving.

8. South Korea’s biggest heartthrob!

9. Ouch.

10. Seriously, he knows his stuff!