NCT’s Ten Shares Behind The Scenes Stories And Details From His “Paint Me Naked” Music Video

Can you guess which scene was his favorite?

NCT‘s Ten recently dropped his solo track, “Paint Me Naked,” and 10velys are loving it!

NCT’s Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten’s reaction to the “Paint Me Naked” video was recently released on WayV‘s YouTube channel, and he shared some stories from the set and details included in the video that fans might have missed.

Here are 6 things we learned from Ten’s “Paint Me Naked” reaction video!

1. The opening scene is inspired by musicals

Ten revealed that he wanted the opening scene to feel like a musical. In this scene, he dances alone on a sidewalk while singing the first lines of “Paint Me Naked.”

“I tried to make it like a musical, so does it feel like a musical?” | WayV/YouTube

If you’re a fan of musicals, you may have picked up on the musical-inspired vibes of the music video’s opening scene. If you didn’t the first time, you certainly will now!

2. His adorable yawn was real

Fans have been talking about Ten’s adorable yawn in the “Paint Me Naked” music video, and he revealed that the yawn was real!


Ten explained that he was sleepy because they were filming at 3 or 4 in the morning, and he thought he “was in trouble” because he suddenly started yawning. However, the yawn “came out pretty cool and fun,” and it’s become one of the most beloved moments from the video!

3. It was very hot outside while Ten filmed the dance scene in front of the trucks, and he was worried it wouldn’t look cool in the finished music video

Ten explained that it was “super hot” while he filmed in front of the trucks with his background dancers. He said the dancers were sweating a lot because they were wearing suits, and he was sweating a lot, too. He was worried that the scene wouldn’t come out well because everyone was sweating so much.

“In this part, the dancers also wore suits. It looks cool on the screen you see, but actually it was super hot this day. I was sweating a lot, too.” | WayV/YouTube

In the end, the scene came out really well despite the heat!

4. Some of the lyrics to “Paint Me Naked” are written on the elevator

While watching “Paint Me Naked,” Ten paused the video and went back to the scene in which the elevator doors are shown. “What’s written on the elevator?” he asked.

After taking a closer look, Ten realized the “Paint Me Naked” lyrics were written on the elevator.

“Oh, it’s the lyrics.” | WayV/YouTube

 5. Ten designed the logo shown at the end of the video

The logo shown at the end of the music video was designed by Ten himself!

Not only did the “Paint Me Naked” music video show us Ten’s singing and dancing skills, but it also showed us just how great of a visual artist he is!

6. His favorite scene is the scene where the trucks drive past him

Ten said his favorite scene is when he sings the second verse of “Paint Me Naked” as trucks drive past him.

He said filming this scene felt like something he’d never done before, which made it fun. He tried gestures and facial expressions he’d never used before, so filming this scene felt like an exciting new experience.

Watch Ten’s full reaction to the “Paint Me Naked” video below!