7 Random Facts About WayV, NCT, And SuperM’s Multi-Talented Ten That Everyone Should Know

How much do you know about this incredible dancer?

Ten is one of SM Entertainment‘s incredibly multi-talented and undoubtedly extremely busy idols performing in multiple K-Pop groups, which include NCT, WayV, and SuperM! Known for his incredible dancing skills, soothing vocals, and sharp, handsome visuals, he’s captured the hearts of many fans.

If you’re curious to learn more about this talented idol, look no further! Here are 7 random but interesting facts about Ten that everyone should know about.

1. The purpose behind his stage name.

While Ten’s real name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, which is an amazing Thai name, his stage name is actually a nickname he got when he was a kid! His aunt gave him the name, which means a common Indian kingfisher in Thailand.

2. He grew up with a ton of pets.

Ten had a lot of furry friends when he was younger! In his childhood home, he had many pets, including a Yorkshire terrier, a chihuahua, a French bulldog, a sugar glider, and even a monkey!

3. He had an incredible education.

Thanks to his family’s wealth, Ten was fortunate to be able to attend some pretty prestigious institutions! While in Thailand, he attended Shrewsbury International School, which is known for its prestigious art programs. Thanks to this, he studied design for over 10 years. He attended other schools as well to study math, science, and art, and also went to an English camp in England while on vacation.

4. He was born to be a star.

Ever since he was 5, Ten loved to sing and dance, and would often sit his relatives down to perform for them; thankfully, they encouraged his interests! Once he saw the movie Step Up, he knew he had to be a performer for a living. He was able to attend a dance school that introduced him to K-Pop, and it was Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” that made him want to be an idol.

5. One family member approved of him going to Korea.

When Ten passed SM Entertainment’s global auditions in Thailand, most of his family were against the idea of him moving to South Korea to become a trainee. However, his grandmother, who had always supported his dream to become a performer, encouraged him to go. Thanks to her support, he was able to join the company!

6. He went on a long hiatus for no real reason.

Since Ten was only put into the NCT U subunit of NCT, and with it being the least active of the sub-units, Ten went through almost a 21-month period with little activity besides his “Dream in a Dream” solo, where he fortunately got to show off his incredible dancing skills that weren’t being put to proper use. Finally he had the iconic comeback of “Baby Don’t Stop” with Taeyong in 2018, but it’s really too bad that he was on hiatus for so long without a good reason.

7. He was the first Thai artist to top a Billboard chart.

Thanks to his participation in SuperM, and with their heavy marketing and promotions in the U.S., Ten became the first Thai artist to top a Billboard chart when “Jopping” rose to the top of the Billboard 200 chart! They also stayed at the top of the World Albums chart for 9 weeks as well.

Source: YouTube