NCT127’s Doyoung And Taeyong Are Like An Old Married Couple— Here Are 5 Moments That Prove It

They’re friendship goals.

It’s no secret that Doyoung and Taeyong have a strong friendship, as they have been friends for eleven years. In fact, they even got matching couple rings last year as a symbol of their long lasting friendship.

| nctaezen/Tumblr 

But what proves their love for each other just as much as their rings and professions of love is the way they always argue and mess around with the other like an old married couple.

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1. Their bickering during the LOVEHOLIC Special Talk Live

Doyoung clearly missed Taeyong being a part of their regular activities (he was on break due to an injury) and bickered with him during the entire live.

| nctaezen/Tumblr 
| nctaezen/Tumblr  

2. Their time together in San Francisco

Doyoung had taken Taeyong’s wallet for safekeeping, to which Taeyong whined that now he couldn’t buy what he wanted. In the end, Doyoung just bought things for him.

3. During their “Make A Wish” promotions

Doyoung called Taeyong a rascal because he kept copying his movements, and Taeyong took full advantage of the moment to prove that Doyoung pushes him around.

| nctaezen/Tumblr   
| nctaezen/Tumblr   

4. Filming for “Highway To Heaven”

The two just can’t seem to not squabble even during serious filming shoots. Doyoung insisted that he won this “fight,” but that’s up for debate.

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5. Office battle games

Taeyong always wants to compete with Doyoung, but this time Doyoung decided to play dirty and trip him, sending Taeyong sprawling to the ground. Taeyong still ended up winning though.

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6. Glamour’s Friendship Test

But no matter how often they may argue, it’s clear that they mean a lot to each other, and this Glamour Friendship Test was proof of that.

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Get you a best friend who cares for you as much as Doyoung and Taeyong care for each other.

Source: NCT127 Twitter and NCT YouTube