NCT Doyoung Went From Rejecting Couple Rings With Taeyong To Getting Them Himself

Taeyong revealed how Doyoung fulfilled his wish with the pricey yet meaningful item.

During a behind-the-scenes clip from NCT 127‘s “Punch” promotions, Doyoung was touched by the fact that Taeyong wanted to get specially customized couple rings. At the time, he joked that’s why he hadn’t let Taeyong know his ring size.

Though he was all jokes back then, it turned out that Doyoung was all for it when reminding Taeyong to show it off during his latest live broadcast.

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Toward the end of Taeyong’s live broadcast, Doyoung gave him a call, “Did you tell fans that we bought matching rings? Tell them that I bought the ring for you.” After a brief conversation before ending their call, Taeyong did just that.

He left the room and returned with the ring in question.

Before showing it, Taeyong shared the reason why he’d wanted it for them. “We’ve known each other for a long time, and we’ll stay friends for a long time. I thought it’d be nice to have something to stand for our friendship.

Doyoung fulfilled that wish for Taeyong and whipped out his own money to cover the entire cost for both. “Then, Doyoung was so cool. He gave his own credit card to buy the rings… I was so surprised.

As Taeyong showed the ring in its box, it hadn’t been just any ring. Doyoung went all out by purchasing Cartier ones worth over $3,000 USD each.

Since the ring symbolizes their friendship and also the connection with NCTzens, Taeyong admitted it was too precious to wear every day. He thanked Doyoung for being not only generous but thoughtful.

I guess Doyoung wanted to take care of me. I guess he wanted to do something to encourage me. To give strength. So he bought the ring for me, without hesitation. Thank you, Doyoung.

— Taeyong

After Taeyong shared how meaningful the friendship ring was, eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice that Doyoung had worn his during NCT‘s WISH 2020 live broadcast.

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Fans also noticed that Taeyong wore it for SuperM‘s photoshoot with Elle Korea magazine.

All along, Doyoung had been planning to fulfil Taeyong’s wish with a ring that was fit to symbolize their strong friendship. Though it cost Doyoung over $6,000 USD, the emotion and symbolism will last forever.

Watch Taeyong talk about how meaningful it is to him, starting from 1:05:41.