NCT’s Inconsistent Outfits Seem To Indicate That They May Be Weather Confused

Winter, fall, summer and spring all in one picture!

We all know and love the boys of NCT. They are incredibly talented, handsome and also kind of goofy. Well recently, netizens noticed something hilarious about the boys and after seeing the photos, we definitely need an explanation. What is it, you may ask? Netizens think that the boys are weather confused! Let’s take a look at the photos.

1. Tees To Puffers

| Nate

Here is a wonderful example. We see the lovely members of NCT looking handsome, as per usual. Their good looks, however, aren’t catching our eyes but rather their clothes. We see some members in sweaters and cardigans but a couple are in t-shirts. There’s two members wearing puffer coats but then you can also spot a hoodie in the same picture. What the heck is going on NCT?

2. The Actual 4 Seasons

| Nate

We have four members posing adorably with a cake and they are all wearing casual clothes. If you notice, however, there are a multitude of different weather appropriate clothes happening in one picture. Starting from left to right, we have a winter coat, a hoodie, a sweater and then finally, a t-shirt. Literally the four seasons are represented in this photo.

3. So Is It Cold Or Nah?

| Nate

This time, the boys are outside on their way to a scheduled broadcast, looking cool in their casual wear. You’d think that since they’re outside, there would be more of an agreement but they prove you wrong! Again, there are a couple members in hoodies, a couple members in winter coats and then one member in a freaking t-shirt.

4. Anybody? Can Anyone Tell Us?

| Nate

Here’s a close up of the same photo. One member is in a big white t-shirt while the other is turtled in his black coat. T-shirt versus a heavy winter coat. It’s a battle between summer and winter. Seriously, so is it cold or is it warm? We will never know.

5. Consistency In The Inconsistent

| Nate

This may be our favorite photo only because they are dressed to impress for a show. Which means a stylist most likely dressed them and picked their outfits for them. The boys look great, as they always do, but there is absolutely no cohesion in their looks. We have sweaters, jean jackets, t-shirts, and flannels. Talk about a variety! At least they are all wearing long pants?

| Naver

Oh boys, you never fail to make us laugh!

Source: Nate