NCT’s Yuta Transforms Into An Action Star For His Acting Debut, And Here Are 12 NCTzen Reactions That Are Too Real

“First NCT member to debut on Netflix.”

NCT‘s Yuta has left fans completely floored after revealing that he is making his acting debut in the movie HiGH&LOW: THE WORST X, the latest installment in the popular multimedia franchise HiGH&LOW from Japan. The news was totally unexpected, but this is not the first time Yuta manages to catch fans by surprise. ‘Actor Yuta’ though, is really doing a number on NCTzens. Here are 12 relatable reactions that prove Yuta’s acting debut  has us all reeling!


1. Everybody sound off

2. Actor Yuta lookin’ expensive AF

3. This for real?

4. King behavior

5. Gonna make sure everyone knows

6. That doesn’t sound right

7. Actor Yuta poses serious risks

8. Yuta really came for us with this

9. Yuta being the definition of ‘bad boy’

10. Action star Yuta supremacy

11. Yuta and his red suit leave no survivors

12. Yuta making us proud with every surprise

Watch the trailer below!

Source: Twitter


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