10+ NCTzen Reactions To News Of NCT’s Johnny At The 2022 Met Gala That Are Relatable AF

He’s the fifth male K-Pop idol to attend the event!

NCT Johnny‘s trip to New York City has been all anyone can talk about right now as he has been enjoying the sights and hanging out with celebrities.

Now, it has been confirmed that Johnny will be attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute‘s The 2022 Met Gala (also known as Met Ball). And, based on his recent Instagram updates, he is already getting ready!

Naturally, NCTzens are anticipating seeing Johnny at the star-studded event. So, here are 10+ relatable AF reactions to the news…

1. True all-rounder

2. We’re counting on you, Johnny!

3. We already know Johnny’s about to be the best-dressed.

4. He’s a different breed.

5. Our pride

6. Johnny being personally invited and approved by Anna Wintour herself, period.

7. The best Monday, thanks to Johnny

8. Legends

9. Vogue intern gonna be working overtime.

10. We know he had the best sleep as he should.

11. What a beautiful way to kick off AAPI Heritage Month!


13. Looking forward to the next episode of Johnny’s Communication Center. 

14. Absolutely nothing can bring us down today, JOHFAM.

15. NCTzens are thriving.

Read more about Johnny’s NYC trip below:

NCT’s Johnny Amazes NCTzens With Star Studded NYC Travels 

Source: Twitter

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