Netizens Rank The Top 5 “Real Face Geniuses”

You MUST see #1.

These male Korean celebrities are known for their handsome visuals. Called “face geniuses,” they’re often praised for their perfect features. Here are the top 5 according to Netizens who deserve the title.

5. Kim Mingyu


Kim Mingyu‘s visuals were a hot topic ever since his appearance on Produce X 101.


4. Roh Ji Hoon

Roh Ji Hoon wows fans with his smile.

3. Eunwoo (ASTRO)


Eunwoo is known for his innocent flower boy visuals.


2. Kim Soo Hyun


Kim Soo Hyun‘s masculine visuals captivate fans’ hearts.

1. Jin (BTS)


Jin is known as “worldwide handsome” for a reason.

Source: MSN