K-Netizen Reveals 6 Perks Of Living In Korea You Probably Never Thought Of

You’ll wish every country did #4.

There are a plethora of reasons you may want to move to South Korea. From world-class healthcare to cheap food prices, chances are something will pique your interest. However, there are a few hidden benefits that foreigners may not realize. A Korean netizen has revealed 6 perks that have probably never crossed your mind…until now.

1. You can buy alcoholic drinks anywhere.

Most countries don’t sell alcohol at convenience stores but you can find a wide variety in Korea. Plus, the prices are extremely reasonable (We’re talking ~$2 reasonable!).

You’ll need to make an additional stop at a liquor store in other countries to pick up your alcohol.

2. It’s relatively safer to go out at night.

Besides bars and night clubs, many stores and attractions in most countries close in the evening.

In Korea, nightlife extends into the early hours of the morning, depending on the day of the week and location. Places like Hongdae are bustling with people at any time.

3. You can bring beverages on the subway.

Though it can be looked down upon, there are no actual laws preventing you from drinking a beverage on the subway.

In other countries, bringing a beverage on public transportation could result in paying a fine.

4. Say goodbye to gratuity.

When ordering food for delivery, you don’t need to pay a tip or delivery service.

Similarly, you won’t be expected to pay any tip at restaurants.

5. You can drink alcohol wherever you want.

There are no laws preventing drinking in a public space, so feel free to grab a group of friends and have a picnic near the Han River.


6. The wifi is blazing fast.

South Korea has the fastest average internet connection at 28.6 Mb/s.

Source: TheQoo