Netizens Discuss The Exclusive Pros And Cons Of Being A Fan Of These 9 Groups

Number 7 is so true.

In a recent discussion, fans of various groups revealed the pros and cons that only apply to their bias groups. Some of the replies were humorous and others genuine. These are some of the highlights.


Pro and Con: Every time Seungri is in the news, it’s a coin toss whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing”

This is a very true statement as Seungri is currently embroiled in a controversy regarding organised crime at his nightclub, the Burning Sun. He’s also been in the news for a lot of positive endeavours however, such as his charity work.

2. Monsta X

Pro: Wonho’s chest.
Con: Since Monsta X are quite bulky, they are in a constant battle with fans regarding their diets.

Wonho certainly has a nice chest. I think a lot of fans are happy with Monsta X just the way they are.


“I’d like to participate in the discussion but I stan PRISTIN”

PRISTIN fans don’t have much to talk about these days as the girls have been on hiatus for over a year and a half. This has led to many fans speaking out against Pledis because of their treatment of the group.

4. f(x)

Pros: Their music is incredibly diverse.
Cons: They haven’t had a comeback in forever.

f(x)‘s discography is quite impressive, their music is so diverse that there is pretty much something for everyone. They haven’t had a proper comeback in years though, most likely due to Victoria’s strict foreign schedules.


Pros: Hyewon seems to have stumbled into her idol life and everything she does as a result is hilarious.
Cons: Hyewon swearing and saying brand names gets their Vlives vods deleted.

Hyewon’s antics are the most entertaining part of any IZ*ONE stream but you better watch them when they’re live because it’s her antics that also get the recordings deleted!

6. Red Velvet

Pros: Every comeback is different both musically and aesthetically plus their music videos are always weirdly awesome.
Cons: Almost all of their albums come in jewel cases.

Red Velvet always mixes it up with each comeback and everyone loves their flexibility. It does seem strange that such a big and successful girl group has such simplistic album packaging though.

7. BTS

Pros: Since BTS are so large, their merchandise and content are easily accessible for an international fan. International ARMYs will be able to buy their new Mattel dolls and Pop Funkos very easily.
Cons: ARMYs can’t afford all the new BTS merchandise.

ARMYs are becoming increasingly broke as BTS have much more than their music available. They have two upcoming toy lines, two movies, an upcoming book and so much more.


Pros: Completely unique rock sound. Really hard technical dances and amazing intros.
Cons: Their first three albums are out of print.

DREAMCATCHER are almost too popular these days as dedicated fans can’t even get their first three albums anymore!

9. CLC

Pros: CLC are very versatile and can handle any concept Cube gives them.
Cons: Because of their constant concept changes, CLC hasn’t gained much traction with the Korean public.

Despite struggling in terms of sales and streams for a long time, CLC is finally getting some traction with their most recent comeback “NO”, a song for which they earned their first win.

Source: Reddit