Fans Are Outraged With Pledis’ Treatment Of PRISTIN And Xiyeon

Fans are fuming at how Xiyeon was treated at her graduation.

PRISTIN was one of the most anticipated girl groups in the “Post-IOI” era after IOI’s disbandment saw all of the former trainees who won Produce 101 return to their labels.

Two popular members of IOI, Nayoung and Kyulkyung returned to Pledis Entertainment to debut in the label’s newest girl group, PRISTIN. Members XiyeonRoaEunwoo, Rena and Yuha also participated in Produce 101 but failed to make the final IOI lineup.

Those seven aforementioned members joined YehanaSungyeon and Kyla to create the ten-member girl group.

The group had a successful debut track with “Wee Woo” and then had a comeback soon after with “We Like”. The full group hasn’t returned since “We Like” and that was all the way back in August 2017. A subunit with five of the members called PRISTIN V returned in mid-2018 with their track “Get It” but it’s been radio silence on the state of the group ever since then.

Kyulkyung who now goes by Zhou Jieqiong is promoting in her native China separate from the rest of her group. Xiyeon has been embroiled in rumours of her leaving Pledis but Pledis have denied that this is the case. Similarly, Kyla has returned home to the United States to recover from medical issues. With all this going, PRISTIN fans (called HIGH) are very worried about the future of the group.

An incident which added fuel to the fire was the high school graduation of member Xiyeon. Xiyeon recently graduated from the Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA), a high school which a lot of idols attend. Normally there is a special panel for famous graduates where the press can take pictures. Xiyeon did not get to go on this panel during her graduation. Since there are no official press pictures, there are only candid shots of Xiyeon at the event.

Her fellow PRISTIN members also didn’t come to congratulate her and take pictures which are almost expected when an idol graduates, she also had no manager present with her. PRISTIN’s official accounts also did not post congratulation messages for Xiyeon. Reportedly, Xiyeon went into her own Kakao chat room to thank her fans. She also didn’t receive any special awards which are commonplace for graduating idols.

Despite the lack of acknowledgement by her label, Xiyeon was still smiling brightly at the event.

Fans are outraged with how Xiyeon has been treated by Pledis and are wondering what the current status of PRISTIN is.