Netizens Fangirl Over TWICE Dahyun’s Unreal Body — Here Are 14 Stunning Moments Of Her Figure

Her small waist and wide hips are body goals in #3.

TWICE’s Dahyun is receiving praise for her stunning hourglass figure. Check out the 10+ moments below that show her unreal proportions.

1. Her waist to hip ratio is insane.

Netizens say she has the proportions of a game character.

2. You can’t achieve this body with just exercise.

Her genetics are blessed.

3. Her figure is fit and healthy.

She’s thin but curvy!

4. TWICE is known for their gorgeous proportions.

Each girl is stunning in their own way!

5. Netizens are shocked she can look so good in a dress.

Her waistline is so defined.

6. She has an ant waist.

Dahyun rocks a mini skirt like no other!

7. Plus, she does the cutest poses.

Personality and looks?! She has it all.

8. Dahyun IRL is the 8th wonder of the world.

Blessed by the presence of a goddess.

9. She is workout motivation.

Dahyun is a woman of many charms.

10. Her body line is stunning.

She is seriously body goals.

11. Dahyun slays in plaid.

Her amazing figure looks perfect in high-waisted skirts.

12. She could be a Barbie doll.

How is she real?!

13. Even the harsh Korean beauty standards are no match for her beauty.

A tall nose, light skin, small waist — She has it all.

14. Dahyun is really in a league of her own.

A talented and lovely visual queen!


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