K-Netizens Name The Top 5 Groups Who Are Known For The School Uniform Concept

#3’s uniform concept was legendary.

The school uniform concept is one of the few concepts that will never get old. It can be youthful and cute like GFRIEND or manly and sexy like BTS. Check out the groups mentioned most by K-Netizens!


GFRIEND’s “Rough” fully embraces the uniform concept.

Performed in front of a school, the girls rock their uniforms.

In various renditions of the song, the girls wear some type of school look.

4. T-ARA

T-ARA’s “Roly-Poly” is iconic for not only the legendary dance moves…

…but also the school uniform look.

Aside from the Roly-Poly in Copacabana music video, they also occasionally promoted in school looks.

3. BTS

BTS’s “Boy In Luv” showcased the members bringing out their manly sides to impress the girl they love.

BTS jumped in head-first to the school concept. The song was released on the EP Skool Luv Affair and the music video took place in a school.

Their recent performance of the song at 2019 MMA showed that they still look incredible in their school uniforms as grown men!

2. f(x)

f(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum” may immediately bring the image of red plaid to your mind.

However, they also did a simpler look with white tops and black skirts and shorts.

According to netizens, they are the ultimate girl group when it comes to school uniforms!

1. EXO

EXO’s “Growl” showed the members owning the school uniform concept while performing iconic choreography.

Majority of netizens chose EXO as the first group that comes to mind when the concept is mentioned.

Despite being released in 2013, it’s still legendary to many fans!

Source: TheQoo
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