A NewJeans Member Is Gaining Attention For Her Absolutely Adorable Visuals, And We Totally Understand Why

She’s talented as well!

NewJeans is continuing to gain fans at a rapid pace.

The HYBE and ADOR girl group released their first song, “Attention,” in July and steadily soared in popularity since then.

Each of the members have frequently been trending online, with Vietnamese-Australian member Hanni being praised for her adorable visuals.

Hanni | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Her skills and charisma on stage are emphasized by her versatile expressions and cute aura. Check out proof of this below!

1. When she performed live

First up, Korean netizens aptly commented that she is “so pretty and cute,” “lovely when smiling,and “too adorable.”

2. When she had this scene in “Attention”

They also likened her to a baby chick, penguin, puppy, and more.

3. When she smiled on stage

There’s something about her that the camera loves!

She’s already at ease when performing despite being a rookie.

4. When the spotlight was on her

She literally lights up any room she’s in.

5. When she monitored her performance

Besides being cute, Hanni is also effortlessly cool.

6. When she gave off “pretty best friend” vibes

She’s dreamy, alright!

7. When she filmed the “Hurt” music video

She looks even prettier up close.

8. When she winked at the camera

It was simply heart-stopping.

9. When she gave fans a heart

Adorable is her middle name.

10. When she had on an anti-fog mask

She’s cute no matter what she wears!

11. And when she stared intently

Finally, it’s understandable why people say that Hanni “looks like an angel.”

Check out her fancam below to see more reasons why she’s gaining fans fast!

Source: Instiz