Why NewJeans’ Minji Deserves To One Day Hold The Title Of “Nation’s First Love,” According To Korean Fans

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NewJeans is undoubtedly one of the hottest girl groups at the moment. With high charting digital scores, album pre-orders, and millions of views per music video, it is not too early to call them a success.


Both K-Pop fans and the general public are aware of the new HYBE and ADOR girl group. In particular, one member is gaining more attention thanks to her gorgeous visuals.


Eldest member Minji is quickly gathering a legion of fans all by herself. Besides her obvious all-rounder talent in singing and dancing, her visuals are also top-notch. This was proven by the compliments she received for her latest Music Bank arrival photoshoot.

  • She’s seriously pretty.
  • Her profile is already legendary.
  • How can someone in this world look just as pretty as Minji?

In fact, some Korean netizens are predicting that the 18-year old will eventually be called “The Nation’s First Love” by the general public.

Only a select few A-listers have earned this moniker, and all of them share the common features of sporting long dark hair, having a sweet disposition, and looking youthful no matter how many years pass by.

Actresses Jun Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, Lee Yeon Hee, and Suzy are the celebrities most connected to this title. They have lovely and graceful appearances that fit the heart-fluttering concept of first love.

Minji may one day join this exclusive group or a similar one given the reactions to her visuals at present. In particular, she has a classically beautiful face that looks pretty in any angle. Netizens further added, “Her eyes are so clear…they are sparkling and look so kind” and “She looks so clean.”

As the NewJeans’ Instagram account further proved, she grew up with naturally delicate features, and she will only continue to gain fans from here on out.

No matter what happens, Minji is already making a name for herself.

Check out more viral photos of her below.

Netizens Are Stunned By NewJeans Minji’s Real-Life Visuals In Recent Journalist Photos

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