Netizens Are Stunned By NewJeans Minji’s Real-Life Visuals In Recent Journalist Photos

No editing needed!

NewJeansMinji has been making waves as a 4th generation visual idol even before her debut. Now, her most recent photos prove why fans are smitten over her natural beauty!

In the girls’ recent photos on the way to work, netizens couldn’t stop raving about Minji’s beauty in natural makeup.

As journalist photos are minimally edited, her gorgeous visuals shine through and seemingly turn the paparazzi photos into a photoshoot!

Fans were in awe of how she looked straight out of a K-Drama as she held an umbrella in the rainy weather…

…and how her stunning profile stood out when she turned to the side.

All of the members looked super cute as they displayed their youthful and pretty visuals in casual outfits.

Check out some more photos below!