Every NewJeans Member Looks Gorgeous Without Any Makeup — Here’s Proof

They are barefaced and glowing!

Despite only debuting less than a year ago, the members of NewJeans have already rocked a variety of makeup looks throughout their various concepts. The girls have pulled off many different looks, from a kitschy, colorful style…

NewJeans’ Hyein, Haerin, Danielle, Hanni, and Minji

…to even the most natural and fresh-faced makeup styles. However, without any makeup at all, the members’ visuals still shine as bright as ever! Check out the list before to see what every member looks like with and without makeup.

1. Hyein

With makeup, Hyein gives off a chic and mature impression, aging her a few years.

However, when she removes her makeup, she looks like a young teenager again!

2. Hanni

With fresh-faced makeup, Hanni gives off youthful and doll-like vibes.

With her bare face, her natural and cute visuals are on full display.

3. Haerin

Often praised for looking like a baby kitten, Haerin boasts big eyes and cat-like features.

When she’s barefaced, she gives off a very similar impression. However, she appears a little less fierce and a little more innocent!

4. Minji

With fancy makeup, Minji exudes the sparkling and glamorous vibe of an idol.

However, she proves she doesn’t need an ounce of makeup to be a visual. As a matter of fact, many people prefer her with less makeup to showcase her natural beauty.

5. Danielle

With her big eyes and gorgeous features, Danielle looks like a high-fashion model.

Without her makeup, however, she gives off a super cute and youthful impression!


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